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27;refinished. This film made me stop watching it before it had reallystarted! The appearing is like one thing you would possibly see on a Cleaning soap Opera or Sci-Fichannel film. The fake accents are terrible. 27;t just studying lines from a script. 27;t take anymore of this tripe soturned it off. 27; it appearsI saved myself from wasting time. 27;t even get to see Billy Zane a lot, then once more what number of goodmovies has he been in? 22; awful. Trust me once i saythat is too variety a phrase. I usually attempt to seek out something redeeming inmost movies I watch, but there is just nothing right here. I typically marvel,when i see productions like these with big names in them (Zane,Roberts, Givens-does she depend?), if those people are determined formoney. I know Zane just had a present not too long ago on ABC that was canceled,and Roberts does some first rate work right here and there, however theirdecision-making ability need to be referred to as into question after they attachtheir names to this. Avoid at all costs. 27;t usually make reviews, however in this case, I felt it essential todo so for the nice of mankind. This is likely one of the worst movies I have ever seen. 27;t choose 0 or decrease. 27;soff-matter and supported by horrible acting. The performing is dangerous, the plot/story is unhealthy, the motion is bad. Take myadvice and steer clear of this.

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